Lighting the fuse, walking through the Ember Sands.


Two years ago we started the current incarnation of Swamphole, with the goal to become a solid PVP entity. Over the time we had struggles and after two years I feel it is time to work on our corporation in a slightly different way. In the last few weeks we’ve been in touch with some friends of ours that are looking to have our corporation form part of their organization.  These people weren’t the first to ask, in the end we had about seven groups over the last year ask to join up with them, but they did provide a platform that I feel would be best for our corporation.

As we’ve rounded up our discussions I am very pleased to announce that as of the 6th of November 2016 we have joined up with the good folk over at Ember Sands. We’re extremely excited to see this teamwork come to fruition in the coming months!

Since we’re joining a new organisation we will have a period of adjustment. While we work on this, we’re preparing a set of programs that benefit new players in engaging content while teaching them more about the game as a whole. If you haven’t yet checked our recruitment information, you can click the banner on the front page!


We have since moved on to form our own plans again and be independent as organisation. Our teamwork didn’t work in the way that we envisioned and at that point it is better to separate than to keep struggling.

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