The beginning

Everything in EVE starts with the determination of one person to move into a direction that they find interesting. Swamphole Inc never started under that exact name, but it’s roots trace back to the departure of our CEO from a tiny corporation within the N3 coalition on the 18th of March 2014. After leaving null security space and messing around with his own corporation, Alexhandr Shkarov decided to throw his entire EVE career on it’s head and go somewhere he never went before. Getting in touch with JakeMiester, a notorious player with a spotty reputation, he set the first steps into wormholes on the 7th of July 2014. All the members in the corporation were aware of his reputation, but we decided to give him a chance to prove us wrong.

One of the main issues we noticed while being part of Worm Hole. was the inability of JakeMiester to dedicate his time to the management aspects that are needed for proper POS management, planning and expansion. As a result of that, on the 23rd of July 2014 we lost the contents of one of our towers to Adhocracy because our CEO had let the tower go offline and didn’t set up roles correctly to refuel the tower. We missed the fuelling moment by an hour, culminating in this loss: https://zkillboard.com/br/56878/

As some of the guys were reeling from the losses they incurred, Jake made a promise to pay the people back and have their assets restored. To this day, there has been no repayment of these assets. Following the lack of leadership from Jake, Alexhandr stepped up to try and push him into managing the back-end of the corporation. Sadly this did not work well and eventually Jake folded and handed over the reigns before bailing. At that time, our corporation was a part of the Honorable Third Party alliance, but we separated ways because we didn’t plan moving into low-sec with the alliance for the foreseeable future.

Shedding the shackles.

After the reigns were handed over to Alexhandr Shkarov, we set towards improving our situation as a group. More effort was spent on security and logistics but the old Swamp wasn’t a good place for us to live due to the difficulties of logistics. As a result we pulled out of the wormhole and reassessed our goals. Our history with JakeMiester left the guys with a bitter taste in their mouths, and we felt that we would be shackled down to the history with Jake and his reputation as shady player. We didn’t want this to impede our future growth and decided to shed the name of Worm Hole. and move over to the “Confederation of Independent Contractors”. During this time we moved to a C5/C4 in which we stayed for a few months before we were offered to become the EU corporation for the WormHole Occupation and Resource Exploitation Alliance led by Chesterfield Fancypantz

Going to and returning from Poundtown.

Our initial conversations with the team of WHORE were short and fairly hurried. As a result, we ended up joining with too little preparation in hindsight. As we are an European group, we were expected to grow ourselves into the prime content generators for that timezone. It was exciting because it would offer us a great incentive to offer members. A secure home, large group of players that would be our buds to fight with and such. We moved into the wormhole that the alliance was calling “poundtown” and set up two towers for members in order to grow and improve. During this time, recruitment wasn’t super fast as the leadership style of the CEO was very different than the expectations from the alliance leadership. The alliance executor, Chesterfield, is what we’d call a “hero-FC” kind of leader. He leads by giving people content and generating buzz around content such as ganks, PVE or otherwise engaging activities. On the other hand, Alexhandr was more a management type of leader. Preferring to handle the infrastructure and backend over FCing, this created a schism between Chesterfield and Alexhandr.

Eventually we felt that the situation became too unstable after a big portion of the active players broke off from the alliance. For three weeks we had frequent discussions to get our corporation out of the alliance and pull our own plans again. At one point, Poundtown had a direct connection to high-security space. Before we could tell Chesterfield to pull the plug, he asked us to go as our interests and style did not match up with his interests. We moved out in three hours and left to go back to a C5/C4. This started a period of inactivity in which we had some setbacks while we were effectively a three man corporation, but we are back.

Into the Swamp again.

Eventually both Alexhandr and the director Dukov Winterjeager picked up the corporation again and we’re currently rebuilding to work towards a solid core, with enough motivated players to become competitive in C4 wormhole space. Further history will be recorded at a later date.

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