Swamphole Inc. specializes in providing services to customers that are looking for a wide range of potential options to defend themselves, fight battles or harass targets.

Our primary services:

The following list of links correspond with the appropriate page for the service provided.

Should you require something that isn’t listed, please contact us through the “Other Services” page.

Our values:

One of the primary values that we put central at Swamphole is that our loyalty must never be questionable. Any contract that is agreed upon by both parties will be (attempted) to be completed to the best of our ability. We do not accept nor tolerate any form of bribery from a third party in order to invalidate any contract. We uphold the following rules when it comes to contracts:

  • We retain the right to refuse any contract based on moral reasons.
  • A contract is only valid upon receiving an official confirmation from the management team of Swamphole Inc.
  • We will not take any contract against customers whom we completed a contract for within the last 7 days.
  • We bind our loyalty to the contract offered and the grace period after said contract.
  • When our contract and grace period expires, we retain the right to accept any contract in favour of/against former customers.