Ending our support for Broadcast4Reps

Hi there,

After a few weeks of consideration we’ve finally decided that our corporation will stop supporting Broadcast4Reps in it’s current form.

We’ve been supporting this organisation for months, but eventually we came to the conclusion that the entirety of the Broadcast4Reps program and it’s affiliated aspects do not align with our organisational goals. We strive to create an environment that is open and welcoming to all players in EVE as long as they follow our six core values. That said, we also value that we help others that are in a bind both in-game and in real life.

We have been trying to support this organisation for a while now, but there is a dangerous trend that persists in their current implementation. We strive to be supportive, but in order to be supportive you need to be able to say things directly. In our experience, the current form of Broadcast4Reps is dominated by a small sub-set of players who have a priority in comforting but not truly supporting someone. It is full of meaningless platitudes, and that’s not how we feel being supportive should be. People have different ways to help one another, and if we’re not able to be direct with someone without being told off by the moderation team, it becomes clear that Broadcast4Reps is not an environment that we can consciously support without question.

We do appreciate the core idea of Broadcast 4 Reps and welcome anyone whom feels they need someone to talk to, to send us a message. That said, unlike Broadcast4Reps we strive for people to be respectful and direct. Giving someone comfort is nice, but helping that person get on their feet towards solving a problem is better.


Please remember that we are only players and that for any issue it is always recommended to consult a health professional. We do not provide advice, only a supportive ear. Please seek out professional assistance for problems.

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