Grand Theft Orca

Do you know those moments where you feel awesome because you just managed to do something really cool? At one point in the evening our member Helios Axion is scanning around for some content and finding new connections to go about our business, when he noticed a small group of Total Insecurity trying to set up a tower in J160311. As I was away, he thought nothing of it as Helios is a 7 million SP toon and the defenders had an Orthrus, Procurer (bait), Nemesis and the Orca laying around.

After I returned to the game, I was immediately informed that we potentially had content and that it would be my choice to go in or not seeing I was more experienced at that point. So grabbing my Prophecy, I head down there and start messing with their heads, trying to shoot them but always having them warp off. So far so good, no scram so I can MJD out, I am good! We’re trading blows for a good 10 minutes and I decide to bring a Cyclone in, which upon warping happens to decloak Jousake Hirosi’s Orca. Instead of trying to get out and kill me before I could kill his hulltanked Orca, the pilot (and CEO) had the bright idea to eject a Falcon and jump into it, leaving the Orca unpiloted.

I tried to recall my drones and waited out my timer, while my health on the Prophecy went lower and lower. At the second that my Prophecy dies, my character manages to jump into the orca. Clearly the guys from Total Insecurity weren’t paying attention as I slowly warped away without MWD-trick or webs on the Orca. I eventually got the Cyclone out as well.

In the end our total losses were a Nemesis and a Prophecy, combined around 120 million ISK. The Orca itself had about 80 million in POS items along with a fresh Nemesis which was awarded along with part of the ISK to Helios Axion.


  • If I were to draw a conclusion, I would say that even new players can create great content with awesome results, if they are willing to move out there and do their thing! We’re now 900 million richer because my newbro-ish member. I wish I had more guys like him!
  • It’s never smart to leave an orca floating in space without locking it pre-emptively.
  • Even two guys can do awesome stuff!
  • Make sure you listen to your scout’s wife when she yells excitedly to go get them!