Swamphole prides itself on the secure and safe environment that we build as a team. We believe that transparency will be the key component in any organisation within EVE, and as of such we have written the rules and ways we handle certain aspects of our alliance in this page. When you accept an invite to any corporation within the Swamphole alliance, you’re considered to have read, understood and agreed with these rules.

All our rules operate from our six core values:

  • We expect members to pro-actively help creating content.
  • We expect members to treat fellow players with respect.
  • We honour our ransoms and keep our promises.
  • We believe that real-life always holds priority over EVE.
  • We stand, fight and die with our mates and for our mates.
  • We grow by asking questions, and we cultivate being asked questions.

I. General Rules:

During your time with Swamphole you’ll be required to maintain the following guidelines in order to keep yourself informed and not run unnecessary risk.

  1. We require everyone to be available on Teamspeak when they are online in EVE.
  2. We require everyone to use our wormhole mapping tool at all times via the in-game browser. It may be minimized but it must be enabled.
  3. We require everyone to be in a standing fleet. This will allow us to assist fleet mates whenever they need help.
  4. While you are in wormhole space, the use of local chat is absolutely prohibited unless your FC gives you green light.
  5. Any and all assets that are not properly stored in hangars will be moved into the corporate storage to prevent thrash floating around.

II. Asset requirements:

Some of our members may not be able to fly these ships yet, but you are required to follow the doctrines and train for them if you wish to live in our home system of Archway. This includes interdictors and covert ops scanning frigates.

  • Each player must have at least two (2) covert ops scanning ships in the wormhole.
  • Each player must have at least two (2) fully fit ships from our Blitzkrieg doctrine in the wormhole.
  • Each player will be recommended to bring a PVE ship for their income.

III. Infrastructure.

Our alliance prides itself in clear and understandable management of our infrastructure. In this section we will discuss the specific settings that apply to all alliance-based infrastructure such as Citadels, Planetary Custom’s Offices and other structures that reside in our home. We’re working to unify our approach in our primary system. This system is called Archway (J165839). Within Archway each piece of infrastructure must be owned by either Swamphole Holdings, or Swamphole Inc. For our own security we will remove any and all unauthorized structures that are active within our wormhole. Other wormholes that groups within our alliance might occupy will potentially deviate from these settings, please inquire about these settings with the appropriate owner of said infrastructure.

  • It is possible for member corporations to rent offices within Archway at a rate of 150.000.000 ISK per month, which contributes to the maintainance costs of services.
  • All infrastructure in Archway is controlled by Swamphole Holdings or Swamphole Inc. Please inquire with our management team for specific requirements.
  • All Citadels inside Archway that provide a clone service will charge 500.000 ISK for each time that you switch your clone.
  • All Citadels inside Archway that provide reprocessing services will charge 3% tax to cover costs.
  • All Planetary Customs Offices inside Archway will charge 3% tax for each member of the alliance, 15% for blue standings (+10), and 50% for anyone else.

Our goal after member growth is to eventually build a Large Citadel with a market feature. While we strive for the above numbers, it is subject to change with at least seven (7) days of notice prior to changing it, based on the growth of our alliance and the needs of Archway’s residents. Member corporations outside our home system of Archway will be fully responsible to manage their own infrastructure, unless said corporation requests that the alliance handles all access. We do recommend member corporations to keep the above settings as a baseline to create a consistent approach.



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