Application form for the Totally Looney Dingleberry Ravers.

Totally Looney Dingleberry Ravers
Recruitment Form
What is your character name? *
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Do you have more than one character? If yes, please give us their name(s). *
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Are you a new player, or a veteran player? *
What do you like to do in EVE? *
We expect all our members to be actively doing PVP combat. This will mean that from time to time, you may lose ships to enemies. Are you okay with this? *
EVE Online - API
In order to make sure that our safety is guaranteed, we require all members to submit an API-key. This will only grant us the ability to check game-related information that CCP enables us to see, and will in no way interact with your account.

Please refer to the image at the bottom for more information on which settings to use. Every option must be yellow for us to accept the API key as valid, without any exceptions.
What is your API's ID code? *
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What is your API's verification code? *
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Example of an API-key's settings.
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